The first thing you want to do is create a new page for your own “key event”.
Use the “New Page” tab that you’ll see on the left sidebar.

If you’d like a refresher on editing a Wiki, you can view Tom D’Accord’s video tutorial here:

Next, you need to create content for your page following these guidelines:

For your Wiki page, research your event and create an entry that includes these items:

a)A brief historical identification of the event: one-two sentences stating who, what, where, why, etc.

b)Your “nomination” for best website t0 recommend to teachers or students interested in this event. Please include the link. Also include a nominating statement: why is this your “best pick”?

c)A primary source, available online, to teach for this event. Please indicate an important idea about the event that this primary source would help students grasp. Include the link and list the source.

d)A benchmark connection: Which of the historical thinking benchmarks would you pair with this specific historical event, and why? Think of an activity related to your event that would help students to build that skill; describe the activity briefly.

If the event is the Boston Massacre…
  • The Historical Thinking Skill could be understanding historical debate and controversy.
  • Rationale: Ascribing blame or responsibility for the Boston Massacre remains a matter of contention for historians. Was an order to fire given by Captain Thomas Preston? Did colonists provoke the attack? Studying this event is an ideal opportunity to foster students’ understanding that many matters in history are still under debate.
  • Activity: Share with students the Paul Revere engraving of the Boston Massacre. Ask them what version of the story this document tells. Then share two recent historical accounts of the event. Have students compare and contrast, noting differences of interpretation. In each of these accounts, who is held accountable for the deaths?